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Welcome to Kingdom Inter-Missions Network!

We are living in a remarkable age where God is moving in our midst bringing us together to finish the task of His Great Commission. As we look  at North American Korean immigrant history of 110 years, God has established more than 3,600 Korean American and Korean Canadian Churches and many diverse mission organizations to finish the task of Global Mission. Especially as Koreans living in the US and Canada, we have to humbly discern what God’s will is for us.

Although Korean Churches are sending out 16,000 missionaries over 150 countries, we must not be satisfied where we are but really search our souls in seeking God’s will in how Gold will use the Koreans scattered throughout the world especially in North Americas. God is preparing His people to reach the world and we must be ready in obedience having the same vision to bring Christ to the world.

And in order to finish the task of world evangelization, we must work together. When mission organizations and missional churches partner & network we can finish together. Now is the time to network and partner with churches and mission organizations to finish the task of Global mission.

We have to learn to unite together and know God’s heart of mission. God’s heart is for us to share information together, mobilize together and train together to finish the Global Mission. KIMNET would like to be that platform to create synergy effect in missions empowering the churches to carry out the Great Commision.

I pray that God will use KIMNET as a vehicle to globally network and partner missional churches and mission organizations to finish His task. “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…”

Warmly in Christ,

Ilsik Samuel Choe

KIMNET Executive Director